June Frame

June Frame

Friday, January 30, 2015

Jan 30, 15

I've been feeding the Nucs on top with 2-1 sugar water and also have a 2-quart feeder on the back porch for open feeding - mostly to see how they are doing for 'my sake'.

It's been over a week and 2 of the Nuc's have almost taken a whole quart jar of sugar water, but 1 has consumed almost 1/2 now.  I guess they aren't as hungry as the others.  I'd expected this from this pictular hive as it seemed to be a little heavier but had expected the middle Nuc to take up more as I'd seen more been in it - compared to the other 2 Nucs.  Who know ??

I've also added a 2 gallon feeder of 2-1 to one of the double boxes, but they haven't taken much - maybe 2 inches.  That's still a lot, but I'm sure I lost some setting it up so as long as they know it's there...I'm happy.  It was about 3 inches away from their cluster but believe they've found it.  On another hive - a single, I added a wedge, and added a top feeder, but only filled one have about 1/2 way.  I've checked on this a couple of times, but haven't noticed them feeding for some reason.  I'll keep an eye out on them.

As all the 'candy' has been eaten I'd like to add some more to them tomorrow if possible.  The 'candy' has some pollen sub in it also for them.  The hive, at the road, was kind of pissy the other day whenever I opened it up and actually banged me a few times while I was inspecting the top box.  I don't know why - but need to inspect it soon and check on the queens status.  I'd given then a new queen last fall - but saw she was laying before winter..so who knows.  The queen, I believe was 1 of my VSH queens and the other boxes aren't acting the same way.

more later ..