June Frame

June Frame

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jan 8, 2015

It was 19 at the house whenever I left this am.  Hopefully, the bees are staying warm and I don't anticipate to see them until this weekend.  I haven't been in the hives for about a month, but am still seeing them fly - and have food 'out' in case they need more.

So far I'm down 5 hives - but still have 5 'full' hives of which 3 are in double-deeps and the other 3 are Nuc's that I'm over wintering with new VSH queens.  2 of the VSH queens are from Asheville and 1 is from Georgia.

I scraped and cleaned up the boxes already for spring so they should be ready to go .. fingers crossed ..whenever spring actually starts and think I have enough hive components for another 6 hives.  I've also made some contacts with a few others that are interested in having/hosting some of my hives.  I need to do some serious 'build-ups' this spring if I can, as I'd like to at least double my hives or possibly get to about 16.  I'll be doing this mostly from queen rearing and making up my own Nuc's as I haven't decided to purchase any more packages or nuc's yet from the club.  I might have to in order to get the bees - but we'll see how it goes in a couple of months.  Of course, it'll be 'too late' to order then.  ha ha 

Made my reservations for the SC/NC hosted meeting in Monroe NC for next month and am excited to attend.

More later ..